Complete This Spring Maintenance Checklist To Ensure Your Well Is In Good Shape


Backyard wells can be a great source of clean water for your family, but they do require some regular maintenance and attention to detail in order to keep them working smoothly and safely. This spring, complete this simple well maintenance checklist, so you can identify and treat any problems before they become larger issues. Check the Well Casing Snow plows, shovels, and rapid changes in temperature can all lead to cracked or damaged well casings.

6 November 2015

Staying In The US: Moving Your Company To A Business-Friendly State


American companies have increasingly moved or outsourced work to foreign companies. During the 2000s, the biggest US companies cut their American workforce by 2.9 and increased their foreign workforce by 2.4 million. If you are a business owner who is considering relocating your company, try moving to a business-friendly state instead of taking it overseas.  Best States According to Forbes, many of the best states for business in 2014 were west of the Mississippi, including Utah and North Dakota.

18 August 2015

4 Reasons To Use 6061 Aluminum For Your Reenactment Armor Projects


Medieval knights didn't brave the battlefield in a suit of aluminum, but modern re-enactors can still use this valuable and modern alloy in their own replica armor projects. Also commonly called aircraft aluminum, 6061 aluminum, is one of the best materials to use for breastplates, shields, and other pieces of armor. Find out why this type of aluminum outshines sheet steel and other metals for re-enactors and live action role players that want to make their own armor.

23 July 2015

How Three Different Types Of Moving Dollies Helps You Move Heavy Objects On Your Own


Moving dollies are carts on wheels. They are comprised of two or more simple machines, which assist you when moving large bulky or heavy items. There are three different types of moving dollies that can help you move heavy furniture, appliances and important belongings all on your own.. The Basic Moving Dolly This is your typical moving dolly, which moving companies will ask you if you want to rent at the same time you rent a moving truck.

13 July 2015

Temporary Boiler Rental 101 | A Guide For Commercial Customers


Whether you are in the middle of having a new heat system installed or your existing one goes bad, there is a good chance that operating without a boiler in your industrial business is out of the question. This is why so many commercial customers turn to temporary boiler rental services for help when they need it. If you have never rented a temporary boiler, it is without a doubt that you have questions that you need answers to.

7 July 2015

Getting Rid Of Your Old Electronic Waste Before You Move Your Business


Do you plan to move your business to a new location? One of the issues that businesses face is what to do with their old electronics. In some places, there are many programs to keep electronic waste out of landfills. In other places, it's flat out illegal to dump electronics. So what can you do about it? Electronic Waste and Why You Can't Just Dump It First, you need to understand what constitutes electronic waste.

28 June 2015

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Alloy 625


Alloy 625 is an alloy that is made out of mostly nickel and chromium. It is used for a wide range of industries, including the aeronautics industry, the US Navy, and in manufacturing all over the world. You might be wondering if using alloy 625 in your products, or even in just the machines that help you make your products, is worth it. Here are four reasons why you should consider using alloy 625.

29 May 2015

A Guide To Troubleshooting A Few Common Vibratory Screen Issues


In any manufacturing setting, a vibratory screen system is one of the most crucial components that is used in daily production. When the screener is used for separating fine-grained particles or refining, a flaw in the operation of the vibratory screens can lead you to a lot of hassle. Repeated processing, contamination, and lost product could all be possible problems when your vibratory screens have malfunctioned. Here are a few of the most common vibratory screen problems you should be able to recognize.

22 May 2015

Use A Machinist To Get The Perfect Custom Auto Parts


Your vehicle is old, and that means its parts may not be available on the market anymore. There's a chance you can make new parts work with adjustments, but the safer bet is to work with a machinist. If you haven't heard of a machinist before, then you're going to love what they do: What Does a Machinist Do? Machinists use machine tools to make parts. They can base this part on one you already have, for instance, a cog or gear you can no longer purchase.

18 May 2015

Maximize Your Performance And Complete Your Craft Effectively - Tips For Replacing Band Saw Tires


An old maxim claims that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in no area is this more true than the maintenance of your woodworking tools. Band saws are extremely important and useful components in any workshop, and keeping them in their best condition means being timely about repairs and installing new tires when the old ones begin to wear down. Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for installing your new band saw tires.

13 May 2015