Maximize Your Performance And Complete Your Craft Effectively - Tips For Replacing Band Saw Tires


An old maxim claims that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in no area is this more true than the maintenance of your woodworking tools. Band saws are extremely important and useful components in any workshop, and keeping them in their best condition means being timely about repairs and installing new tires when the old ones begin to wear down.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for installing your new band saw tires. Following these suggestions will allow you to complete this repair efficiently and with the least possible stress, guaranteeing that you can return your band saw to working order and get back to enjoying your workshop as quickly as possible.

Thorough Cleaning

Not only will your old band saw tires likely be caked in sawdust and other typical wood shop debris, they've also likely been attached to the band saw by a glue or epoxy. It's vital that you remove as much of this resin as possible, as it can make adhering your new tire very difficult.

You should also clean as much of your saw as possible while it's disassembled. If you take good care of your tools, they're likely to take good care of you. Taking the opportunity to perform a thorough cleaning while a tool is disassembled is an important step in performing preventative maintenance.

Soak Your New Tire

Band saw tires are designed to be extremely high tension in order to promote precision cutting. While this can allow you to be very satisfied with their performance, it may also result in you being very frustrated while trying to manipulate the tire during installation.

One technique for making the tire easier to work with is soaking it in warm water with dish soap. This will make the rubber temporarily softer and more pliable while also adding a layer of lubrication that will make it easier for you to properly seat it.

Rebalance the Wheels

Your band saw will adapt to its conditions over time, and as a tire wears down, your saw may be out of balance. This can lead to frustration and a lack of precision once a new tire is installed, so be sure to take the time to rebalance your saw after the installation. This should help return your band saw to its best functioning condition and will also help guarantee that you receive the same satisfaction that you did immediately after the purchase. 


13 May 2015

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