3 Options For Treating Produced Water


Produced water is the water that is created by gas and oil production. All of that water has to be treated before the water can be reused. There are a few different options for treating produced water. Three ways to treat produced water include media filtration, absorption, or oxidation. #1 Media Filtration Media filtration is a safe way to get rid of oil, grease, and the other byproducts that get into water used in the oil and gas industry.

7 August 2018

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Hot Tar Hoses


Hot tar hoses are different than traditional hoses, as they're designed to transport hot tar and asphalt. As a result, they can handle extremely hot temperatures. To ensure they work correctly over the years, though, you need to avoid these common mistakes.  Crushing and Kinking Like most specialty hoses, hot tar hoses can only do their job effectively if they are straight and structurally sound. When they're crushed by heavy objects or kinked for too long, ruptures can occur.

19 June 2018