How Three Different Types Of Moving Dollies Helps You Move Heavy Objects On Your Own


Moving dollies are carts on wheels. They are comprised of two or more simple machines, which assist you when moving large bulky or heavy items. There are three different types of moving dollies that can help you move heavy furniture, appliances and important belongings all on your own..

The Basic Moving Dolly

This is your typical moving dolly, which moving companies will ask you if you want to rent at the same time you rent a moving truck. It has a chest-high handle with two wheels at the bottom. A flat metal plate in between the wheels in conjunction with the high handle bar and your own strength acts at the lever to lift an object up and at an incline. It is generally used to move heavy household appliances and living room chairs, but is rarely used to move much else.

The "Piano" Dolly

This tripod-shaped dolly on three wheels slips underneath incredibly heavy furniture (like a piano!). It has three "pockets" for the piano's legs to rest on, and the casters underneath the piano dolly are then responsible for the full brunt of the weight. It moves your grand piano or baby grand piano with ease. A different sort of piano dolly fits underneath the base and feet of an upright piano and is rectangular in shape. Both of these piano dollies are used only for moving pianos.

The Utility Dolly

This dolly looks like a miniaturized version of a utility trailer, but without several planks across the top of the dolly. Some have cushions attached on both end bars of the rectangular-shaped dolly in order to provide a more protective barrier for your heavy furniture to rest upon. When you are transporting the furniture from one place to another, the cushioned versions soften any jostling and do not leave marks on your furniture the way that bare wooden bars would.

There are no handles or levers to help you move the dolly. It relies on your ability to place a heavy item square onto its top and then to shove the heavy object around with the assistance of the dolly's four wheels. You can use a utility dolly to move loveseats, sofas, boxy appliances (like a washer or dryer), snow blowers (which are cumbersome and difficult to move out of season), and any other manner of heavy objects that you cannot lift on your own or cannot lift and carry with someone else's help.

Contact a company that offers dollies, such as Garland's Inc, to learn more about which choice is right for your needs.


13 July 2015

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