Temporary Boiler Rental 101 | A Guide For Commercial Customers


Whether you are in the middle of having a new heat system installed or your existing one goes bad, there is a good chance that operating without a boiler in your industrial business is out of the question. This is why so many commercial customers turn to temporary boiler rental services for help when they need it. If you have never rented a temporary boiler, it is without a doubt that you have questions that you need answers to. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding temporary boiler rental.  

Is the cost of delivering the boiler included in the price?

The freight fee for delivering the boiler may not always be included in the rental price. Some companies do not offer freight delivery services and allow their customers to choose who will be delivering the unit. However, if you need help finding a company to deliver the boiler, the rental service can make recommendations. 

Will your building insurance cover the use of a temporary boiler system?

If you have industrial insurance already and had a boiler system in place, you should have an extension of coverage that will take care of any boiler you have in use on your property. You will be required to show that you have boiler coverage with your insurance company before the boiler can be delivered and set up with most companies. This will involve you obtaining a copy of your boiler policy from the insurance company and showing it to the rental company.

Will the company that you rent the boiler from also install it?

This depends on who you rent the boiler from and where you are located. Most boiler rental companies do offer installation, but if you are ordering the boiler from a great distance, it may be more feasible for you to hire an installer for the installation process than it would be to have a technician travel with the boiler to your facility.  

Is your water supply okay to use with the rented boiler?

In most cases, the water supply that you have previously used to supply a boiler will work with the rented unit. However, if the water supply you have available is from a natural resource, you may be required to use a filtration unit in the water feed to prevent scale or debris buildup in the boiler tank and lines. Any residue left in the boiler tank and lines will be your responsibility to clean out before returning the boiler to the company. 

Having the ability to rent a boiler unit when yours is down can be incredibly convenient as a business owner. If you have additional questions and concerns, talk to a representative from a boiler rental company for more information and advice. 


7 July 2015

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