Protect Your Short-Term Equipment Storages Now


If you plan to store or house equipment for a week or less, you want to protect your equipment from rust and corrosion. Even the smallest amount of moisture can damage valuable equipment. Rust preventative oils can protect your equipment until you need it. Learn more about corrosion and rust preventative oils below.

Can Equipment Corrode in Temporary Storage?

Your equipment plays a huge role in keeping your business going each day. In order for your equipment to function properly, it must be free of corrosion. However, corrosion can damage equipment if you don't store or maintain it properly. The moisture, air, and other environmental substances in your factory or storage area can degrade the metal surfaces of your equipment without notice.

Corrosion can occur anywhere in your equipment, including the parts that contain oil. The oil you use to lubricate your equipment may not be tough enough to keep corrosion at bay. Depending on the conditions inside your building, the oil lubricating your equipment can dry out. The dried surfaces may eventually rust, degrade, and crack.

You can prevent moisture and air from damaging your temporarily stored equipment with rust preventative oils.

Can Rust Preventative Oils Protect Your Items? 

Rust preventative oils keep metal surfaces lubricated during all types of environments. The oils contain unique additives, solvents, and other solutions that allow it to stick to and coat the surfaces of metal. The coating of lubricant prevents metal from absorbing or interacting with the moisture, air, and other substances inside your building.

You'll need to purchase and use the correct type of rust preventative oils for your equipment, including water-repellent oils and neat oils. If your storage environment is damp most of the time or located near water, water-repellent rust preventative oils may be right for you. 

You can also use vanishing oils on your equipment. Vanishing oils disappear after you apply to your equipment. If you don't want to wash down your equipment after you remove it from storage, vanishing oils may be the best option for you.

If you can't select the best rust preventative oils for your stored equipment, reach out to a supplier today. A supplier may want to know more about your equipment before they assist you. The oil products you need may depend on the types of metal your equipment features. You may want to take an inventory of your equipment prior to consulting a supplier.

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18 March 2022

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