3 Uses For 5-Gallon Food-Safe Buckets


A 5-gallon food-safe bucket has many uses around your home or business. Food-safe buckets often contain bulk quantities of food that make it cheaper to buy food for your restaurant and that make it easier to store food too. However, you can buy empty 5-gallon food-safe buckets in bulk or one at a time to use for other purposes. Just be sure to buy plastic buckets that are marked as safe for food if you will use them to store or grow food. Here are some ideas for using these buckets.

1. Start A Container Garden

Many herbs, vegetables, and fruits can be grown in buckets. Simply drill holes in the bottom for drainage, fill with amended soil, and plant seeds, seedlings, or plants. Growing a tomato plant in a bucket is easy, and growing in a bucket makes it possible to move the plant around to chase the sun or bring it inside at night.

A food-safe bucket is suitable for growing vegetables, while a regular plastic bucket isn't since it could leach plastic into the soil. You also need to be careful about using concrete and pressure-treated wood containers to grow food. However, you should have no concerns about using a food-safe bucket, and that gives you the freedom to grow a garden just about anywhere, even entirely indoors with the help of grow lights.

2. Store Survival Food

If you've ever stocked up on grains and beans for hurricane supplies or survival foods, you may have encountered the pesky pantry moths and other insects that enjoy eating your food. Proper storage is essential when you keep things like rice, flour, and grains since these foods attract a variety of insects. If you buy the foods in bulk, you may even carry the insects home from the store.

A 5-gallon food-safe bucket is useful for keeping your stored food safe from bugs. Just be sure the buckets you buy also have lids that twist or snap shut. The buckets are useful for keeping out bugs, and they're also easy to move around since they have handles. In addition, some buckets stack on each other so they don't take up much room, and you can move a few buckets at once with a hand truck if they stack well.

3. Seal Pet Food

If you have a pet that eats dry food, or if you keep birdseed around the house, you know how the food can attract pests or get stale if you don't use it fast enough. Pouring the pet food or birdseed in a bucket makes things more convenient too.

You can simply scoop out the food that you need to fill your pet's bowl, and you no longer have to deal with lifting heavy bags or have a bag fall over and spill on the floor. Plus, with seeds and pet food in a bucket that snaps shut, you won't have to worry about attracting rodents or roaches to your home due to pet food.

For more information on 5-gallon food-safe buckets, contact a company near you.


27 January 2022

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