How To Tell If Your Pool Pump Is Damaged


Have you noticed strange noises coming from your pool pump? Some pool pumps behave this way when there are damaged components such as capacitors. This phenomenon can also occur when debris or swimming pool bugs get trapped in the pump. If debris is the culprit, it is wise to clean the pump to prevent damage. Capacitors are an integral part of a pool pump. The following points will help you to understand some indicators of pool pump issues related to capacitors.

Single Speed Pumping

This would apply if your pump is designed to pump dually, but only one side of it is working This will likely emit an annoying humming noise. The longer you wait to assess whether the pump needs to be repaired, the more likely you are to damage the pool pump.


It is possible that your pump is the wrong size for your pool. An incorrectly sized pool pump will either not pump efficiently or create a robust pumping action if it is too large for your pool. Pool pumps that are not the right type can get damaged due to over-pumping or under-pumping. 


Whenever a pool pump overheats, its lifespan can get shortened. Overheating can occur on days that have high temperatures. Vegetation that is near your pool area may also interfere with air circulation and cause your pool to maintain an elevated temperature. It is not a good idea to try to plant trees to minimize your pool's temperature due to the clogs that can be caused by fallen leaves. It is essential that the water in swimming pools is circulated properly to reduce the chances of overheated pumps. Debris should be cleared from your pool to aid in preventing overheating. Damaged capacitors and other damaged parts can also cause overheating.


A noisy pool pump can be a nuisance over time. It can interfere and interrupt joyous conversations in or at the poolside. Blocked skimmers and suction lines interfere with water circulation and cause noise. 

A pool pump retailer is a good resource to use to learn more about troubleshooting your pool pump. They can determine if your pump is damaged beyond repair. In some cases, it might be a better decision to replace your existing pool pump if damage to the pump is extensive. You can extend the life of your pool pump by properly maintaining your pool and keeping it free of debris.

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25 November 2019

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