Fixing Truck Service Bodies: Common Issues And Repairs


Truck service bodies refer to trucks that have additional metal cabinetry and storage spaces attached to them. For the most part, these work and utility trucks last a long time with only a few engine issues and tire repairs needed. However, that does not mean that the added components on these trucks will never encounter problems. The following shows some of the most common issues with the metal cabinetry and storage on these trucks, and how they are typically repaired. 


Rust is the second biggest issue for these trucks. As you can imagine, rolling one of these trucks through the rain and large puddles in the road leads to rust right underneath the truck body cabinets and storage components. Metal patchwork can help stop the rust, and it should be stopped or it can lead to a much bigger problem than just rust holes.

Busting Apart

If you let one of the truck body cabinets get enough rust underneath it, the weight of the cabinet and anything you store inside can eventually cause it to start pulling away from the truck. In the most extreme of cases, it can cause the cabinets on one whole side to bust apart and fall away. While you would have to leave a rust issue completely untreated for a very long time to get to that kind of damage, it is still something that you should be aware of. By fixing the first signs of rust underneath these cabinets and storage areas, you are already taking the first steps to prevent major damage to the truck. 


Never try to haul too much in the cabinets off of the sides of the truck bed. Repeatedly hauling too much weight in these cabinets may lead to bowing or cabinets that tend to sag down a little under the weight of things inside them. It makes the truck look awkward, and the truck tends to wobble this way and that going down the road. If you spot a little bowing starting, remove some weight from the side that seems to be dipping. It may be possible to do some reinforcing welding work on that side of the truck's under-cabinet areas to get it back into place, but then you will have to remember to stop hauling quite so much stuff in that side of the truck. The best repair is no repair because you prevented it. 


29 March 2019

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