How To Select The Right Kneader Mixer For Your New Bakery Business


When opening a bakery business, a kneader mixer is often a must-have. The industrial mixer can make your job slightly easier while you work on producing dozens of different types of baked goods for the customers. Before your business opens, you need to find the right kneader mixer to purchase and use when preparing your treats.

Does It Come With the Attachments You Need?

Always make sure the kneader mixer you are planning to purchase comes with the different attachments that you are going to need to use when preparing different goods inside your bakery. If it does not have the attachments you need, you would have to go out and buy them, so it is far better to find a kneader mixer that simply comes with everything included. Some of the different attachments you might need to have include a dough hook, assorted beaters, and a wire whisk.

Does It Come Equipped With a Timer?

Most kneader mixers come equipped with a convenient timer. Instead of using your own timer to keep track of how long you have been mixing dough, the built-in timer will keep track for you. You may even be able to set the timer to certain intervals, making sure the machine shuts off and stops mixing the dough and other ingredients at certain times.

What Are the Speed Options?

Find out how many speed options are on the kneader mixer that you want to buy. Most of these types of mixers come equipped with at least three different speed options for your convenience, making it possible for you to have ingredients mixed at a pace that is just right for you. Whether you need to mix something quickly or at a slower yet steadier pace, you should be able to do just that with your kneader mixer.

Is a Warranty Offered?

It is good to find out if a warranty is offered. You are investing in costly equipment for your bakery business and you want to keep the equipment working for years to come. Without the proper equipment, it would likely be too difficult for you to make the treats that you are going to sell. Having a warranty included with your purchase could put your mind at ease while making you feel even better about the purchase you are making.

When running a bakery business, a kneader mixer is basically a necessity. However, you need to purchase the right one that will get the job completed each time. Always look for certain things in a kneader mixer, such as the attachments it comes with, the type of timer it comes with, the speed options that are offered, and the type of warranty that is offered with it.


15 January 2019

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