The Right Supplies For A Clean-Feeling Restaurant Restroom


Running a restaurant means you want to display cleanliness to your customers. While your patrons might not be investigating the kitchen for grime, many will be visiting a vital but often overlooked part of your establishment--the restroom. What makes the difference between leaving a public restroom feeling refreshed or grossed out? It just takes a few simple changes in the plumbing and facilities. 


The first step in your customer's trip to the bathroom begins at the toilet or urinal, so this is where you should begin your changes. Many commercial plumbing companies sell antimicrobial flush handles. Still, many people use their shoes to flush toilets and urinals instead, which can spread even more dirt and germs than fingers do. To combat this, you can purchase automatic flushing toilets. Just make sure the flushing power isn't too intense or too sensitive, or else you might be giving your customers a surprise bidet.


Next stop is the sink. Many restaurants nowadays have opted for touch-free sink faucets to save water. Another benefit is that it's one less thing for your customers to touch. The problem with touch-free sinks is that they have no heat control. No one wants to wash their hands in cold water, so invest in a good hot water heater to deliver a regular supply of warmth in your pipes. Commercial plumbing supply companies offer many varieties of these and can help with installation. As for the soap, a touch-free dispenser is a good option to save soap, too, but make sure they're always filled and in working order.

Drying Your Hands

So far, automation has ruled in a clean-feeling bathroom. The major exception here is for drying hands. While automatic hand dryers keep paper towel clutter out of the bathroom and are more environmentally friendly, you already know that they're not the most effective way to dry hands. Your customers don't want to go back to their tables with damp hands, and paper towels get the most water off of them in the quickest time. However, if you invest in a turbo dryer, don't have a restroom door that you have to pull from the inside. After washing your hands, the last thing you want to do is touch a grimy handle that a less-hygienic person may have just opened. Paper towels create a barrier between hands and any potentially germ-ridden surface--automatic dryers can't do this.

A clean bathroom is about so much more than regular cleaning. The experience of feeling fresh after leaving one is essential, especially for customers returning to a table full of food. A clean restaurant will make your patrons feel great about eating at your restaurant.


4 May 2015

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