Three Aesthetic Benefits Of Anodizing Aluminum


If you are like most people, you have never heard of the term "anodizing." Yet, many of the products that you handle each and every day have been anodized.

Aluminum is used in a vast array of products, like airplanes, mp3 players, buildings, sporting equipment, and smart phones. Unfortunately, aluminum is a very soft metal. The process of anodizing converts the chemical makeup of the product's aluminum to aluminum oxide, which is more durable and weather-resistant. As a result, anodizing serves as a functional aluminum seal that extends the life and quality of these aluminum products.

The process of anodizing does more than just make aluminum products stronger and heartier. This procedure also magnificently improves the product's aesthetic appearance. Here are some of the reasons why.


Anodizing not only strengthens the aluminum, but also provides the opportunity to change the color of it. Manufacturers can simultaneously anodize and dye an aluminum product, giving it a striking makeover. The colors are nearly endless, ranging from blacks and whites to vibrant blues, reds, pinks, and greens.

Anodizing gives manufacturers a chance to brand their products with signature colors. It also provides you, the consumer, the chance to pick customized products that reflect your personality and preferences. For example, when you purchase a cell phone, you have the option of selecting from a range of expressive color choices. Anodizing with color dyes easily adds personality to products as simple as carabiners or as expensive as laptops.


A product's color is not the only factor that reflects your personal preferences. Aluminum products are frequently available in glossy or matte varieties. Glossy aluminum is shiny and radiant, but can also give way to fingerprints and smudges. Matte aluminum is rich, understated, and free of shine. Usually, preference for either glossy or matte is a personal one, although trends can impact the popularity of glossy or matte appearances. Naturally, the type of product undergoing anodizing also impacts the decision to anodize for a gloss or matte appearance.

Long-Lasting Color

Anodizing has yet another aesthetic benefit: long-lasting appearance. Anodizing an aluminum item not only gives that item color and gloss, but also ensures that the color and gloss will withstand environmental factors. Anodized aluminum's appearance can withstand corrosion, fading from the sun's rays, chipping, peeling, and overall wear and tear. Even though this is a functional benefit of anodizing, the result is a product that retains its quality and impressive appearance.


29 April 2015

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